Perifill IQ 3000

Peristaltic pump for accurate dispensing

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The Perifill® IQ 3000 is a unique microprocessor controlled precision peristaltic dispenser, ideal for the repeat delivery of liquids. It is the first peristaltic dispenser to deliver by volume not time and has positive shut off, with valves.

The Perifill IQ3000 successfully solves most dispensing problems in the laboratory, production and commercial filling of containers, with outstanding precision. The liquid only contacts the tubing sets, which can be changed in seconds and autoclaved, making it suitable for sterile filling. Inline filtration can be added to the delivery line. Control of all operations is via the membrane key panel with full setting information and dispensing status shown on the LCD display. The accessory footswitch mimics Start/Stop on the key panel. Any one of 9 programs can be stored and recalled together with status when last used.

With its continuously running 2-speed pump recycling system, the Perifill IQ 3000 is designed to accurately dispense many types of liquid including hot, viscous and those containing sediments. The recycling system maintains the feed line at the conditions present in the reservoir and on fast setting, stirs the reservoir to keep it homogeneous.

  • Volume range 0.1 ml to 1000 ml delivered at a push of a button or footswitch.
  • 9 memories, with all settings (including calibration) retained in memory when switched off.
  • Single or automatic multiple doses with preset number of doses.
  • Variable delay between automatic doses.
  • Two speed recycling to reservoir when not dispensing stirs slurries and suspensions and maintains temperature in the tubing.
  • Fast or slow dispensing.
  • Full compensation for viscous materials.
  • Programmable slow start and slow finish to reduce splashing.
  • Precision better than ±0.5%, dose variation better than ±0.1%.
  • Tough and reliable. No routine servicing.

Silicone rubber tubing sets will suit most applications, but for some fluids iso-Versinic (fluoropolymer) sets are available. Where splashing is problem initial and final fill can be set to slow speed whilst the bulk of the fill is done at fast speed. The outstanding accuracy is achieved by using pinch valves to shut off flow rather than waiting for the motor to stop at the end of dispense. Initial calibration is by dispensing a standard dose and giving the instrument an accurate value for this quantity. In doing this, compensation is included for variations in tubing bore, temperature, viscosity and reservoir head. Programming is easy as guidance is given on the LCD display on how to proceed to the next step. The minimum dispense volume can be reduced to 0.1 ml by using the new 1 mm bore silicone tubing set, enabling filling of microtitre plates etc.

In combination with TraySy"X" you can turn the Perfill into an automatic vial filling machine for trays of vials or bottles. Interfacing with other tray dispensing equipment is possible.

Technical Data Perifill 3000

  • Pump speed: 72 rpm (slow), 225 rpm (fast)
  • Slow start/finish: available in fast speed
  • Flow rate:2.1 ml up to 40.7 ml per second
  • Mode: manual and automatic, maximum preset 10,000 doses
  • Delay between doses in automatic mode: 0.5 - 9.5 seconds in 0.5 second steps
  • Case: Polyurethane molding, inert and easy to clean
  • Weight:15 kg
  • Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 300 mm
  • Power: 110/120V or 220/240V,50/60 Hz, 130 VA
  • CE marked
  • Catalogue No. 374700
Perifill Accessories Ready made tubing sets complete with glass reservoir sinkers, J-piece and glass outlet nozzle. The silicone and iso-Versinic rubber tubing used in these sets has been specifically developed for peristaltic pump applications. Spare tubing is available in 3.7m lengths, which is enough to make one tubing set when combined with glass sinkers, nozzle and J-piece.

Silicon rubber

Catalogue No.  Description Nominal Flow Rates Typical Volume Range Volume Set Increment
 Tubing sets
374403 3 mm bore, silicone rubber (tubing set) 2.1-6.3 ml/sec 0.5-1.5 ml 0.1 ml
374405 5 mm bore, silicone rubber (tubing set) 5.5-16.8 ml/sec 2.0-4.5 ml 0.5 ml
374407 8 mm bore, silicone rubber (tubing set) 13.1-39.0 ml/sec 4.0-10 ml 1.0 ml
Spare tubing      
374503 3 mm bore, silicone rubber (spare tubing)      
374505 5 mm bore, silicone rubber (spare tubing)      
374507 8 mm bore, silicone rubber (spare tubing)      


Glass J-Pieces for tubing sets

Catalogue No.  Description
374408 for 1 - 2 mm bore tubing 1 piece
374410 for 3 - 4 mm bore tubing 1 piece
374409 for 5 - 6 mm bore tubing 1 piece
374411 for 8 mm bore tubing 1 piece

Glass Sinkers for tubing sets

Catalogue No.  Description
374418 for 1 - 2 mm bore tubing 1 piece
374420 for 3 - 4 mm bore tubing 1 piece
374419 for 5 - 6 mm bore tubing 1 piece
374421 for 8 mm bore tubing 1 piece

Glass Nozzles for tubing sets

Catalogue No.  Description
374428 for 1 - 2 mm bore tubing 1 piece
374427 for 3 - 4 mm bore tubing 1 piece
374426 for 5 - 6 mm bore tubing 1 piece
374425 for 8 mm bore tubing 1 piece

Nylon Ties for retaining tubing

Catalogue No.  Description Pack
374412 for all tubing sizes 10


Catalogue No.  Description
374371 Footswitch complete with lead and plug