SUSY Automated Liquid Handling Platform

Automated Platform for Formulation Testing and Solubility Screening


The continuous rise in costs for pharmaceutical products forces us to take a closer look at traditional workflows. So far in the early stages of drug discovery, the focus was on the chemical effects, leaving the analysis of the physical effects using formulation and solubility studies as the last link in the process.

This approach could lead to the terrible consequence of missing important required properties for dosage, solubility, storage etc. All the money spent on the discovery so far would have been totally wasted.

To avoid more disappointment and financial disaster in the final development stage it is crucial to have already eliminated unsuitable compounds at an earlier stage. New workflows and hardware systems are required which enable us to deal with the small volumes of material available at the early discovery stage in order to study the physical and chemical properties.

Zinsser Analytic have developed an automatic workbench which enables you to execute a workflow to test a large number of compounds in parallel. The reactor is based on the microplate format for either 24, 48 or 96 different compounds or different testing parameters. Tools for pH-measurement and adjustment, precision dosage, weighing & mixing (even of highly viscous media) are provided. Optical control, evaporation, filtration, HPLC- /LC-MS integration can be provided enabling you to carry out your well proven formulation methods and solubility tests on a single platform.

Proven reliable X,Y,Z-platform with 4 independent Z-drives for liquid and powder handling and an integrated robotic arm for gripping vials, tubes, plates and pick-up tools, which can then be placed in any position of the workbench area.

Unique new hardware approach The precision balance is positioned outside the workbench still within reach of the robotic arm. The balance stand avoids any mechanical distortion, minimizing the settling time, improving the sensitivity and therefore increasing the throughput.

Designed for customization To meet individual requirements, it can be equipped with vortexers, hotplates, cooling plates, stirrers, reactor blocks, incubators or other modules from our extensive range of tools. The unique software allows the customer to even integrate his own modules. For special applications we offer the service of integration of custom modules.


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