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Glass Microsyringes

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Zinsser NA offers glass microsyringes manufactured by ILS, based in Stützerbach, Germany. Since the first glass company was founded in 1674 Stützerbach has been a place of innovation: the German thermometer (1830), the electric bulb (1883), the vacuum flask (1895) as well as the Röntgen X-ray tube (1893) were all first developed in Stützerbach.

ILS was founded in 1992 implementing the skills and expertise of the people in the area and more than 1,000 types and variations of microsyringes are manufactured today. Glass syringes range from 1 µl to 100 ml for precision sampling and dosage in liquid and gas chromatography, spectroscopy, preparation of standard solutions, for manual application, and for use in autosamplers, diluters, dispensers and other liquid handling instruments. Precision diluter valves are also available as a recent addition to the production range.

ILS shrinks its own precision bore tubing from DURAN®, a highly resistant borosilicate glass and all metal parts and PTFE-seals are made in-house. State of the art computer controlled equipment such as milling machines, lathes and glass shrinking equipment, together with years of glass working experience, guarantee the optimum quality of the products.

DURAN® is a registered trademark of SCHOTT Glaswerke AG.

ILS glass syringes and microsyringes are available from Zinsser NA in North America and are sold either directly to end users or an OEM arrangement can be made for manufacturers.

For more information, visit our online SYRINGE CATALOG, or Contact Us and request a catalog,