Tools for Zinsser Automated Platforms


The robotic gripper option for Zinsser liquid handling platforms is the key to performing many automated processes. In addition to being able to directly pick up microplates or racks of vials, the gripper can be used in conjunction with a variety of "pickup tools". These are tools of all sorts that are parked on the liquid handler deck until they are ready for use. Then, the gripper travels to the tool part position, picks up the tool, and moves it the the required location for processing. This capability greatly extends the automation capabilities of the liquid handler. Some of the pickup tools that have been used are cameras, powder dispensers, automated crimpers, sonication probes, pH probes, drydown devices, and many others.

The robotic gripper can handle loads up to several kilograms. It can even move an entire aluminum reactor block with vials and lid, which is a critical step used in solid phase synthesis automation.



Below a powder dispensing tool is shown as it access a well location, delivered by the gripper as a pickup too.



A camera pickup tool is shown below as it is moved over a crystallization block for imaging.



Pickup tools are also used to handle different tubes and vials. This provides the flexibility to handle the movement of a variety of labware for a method while reducing the programming and mechanical complexity that is common to many end-actuated gripper assemblies.



Zinsser automated liquid handling platforms are unique on the market because of the selection of high-performance tools that can be installed on the deck. The ability to select from this list of tools allows the user to configure a system that will fully automate the required application, whether it requires liquid handling, powder handling, weighing, heating, cooling, vortexing, pressurization, vacuum, or almost anything that can be imagined.