TraySy® X

Automatic Vial Filler


TraySy®, a newly developed X-Y distributor combined with the microprocessor-controlled precision peristaltic pump Perifill® 3000 form a unique automatic filling system for small and medium size batches. Vials, ampoules, tubes in racks or packing trays can be placed on the workbench and automatically filled. It takes less than 2 seconds to fill a 4ml vial. The systems are used for sterile and non-sterile serial dispensing in drug dispensories, bacteriology labs, pharmaceutical and diagnostic batch production.

TraySy “X” is a PC-controlled X-Y distributor which has been developed to enable the Perifill IQ 3000 to fill bottles or ampoules arranged in trays automatically. Tray after tray of containers with the same dimensions can be filled simply by pressing a button. Any number of rack formats for different sizes of bottles and ampoules can be stored permanently in TraySy`s memory. Different bottle arrangements, regular or honeycomb can also be accommodated in the dispensing program,multiple racks of the same layout can be processed in a single run. TraySy is easy to use. Once the layout of a rack has been stored in the memory, the user just recalls the rack type, types in the number of vials to be filled, and starts the method by a key stroke. Containers of any height less than 250 mm can be filled. A universal tray is available for TraySy with two sliders to push the vials into arrays. Any standard packing tray or rack may also be used provided the bottles are held symmetrically and the necks are within the area which the nozzle scans.

The Universal Dispenser Perifill

In the standard package, TraySy "X" is connected to the single channel peristaltic pump Perifill®IQ 3000. Multichannel peristaltic pumps or syringe pumps are available on request. The Perifill® IQ 3000 is a unique microprocessor controlled precision peristaltic dispenser, ideal for the repeat delivery of liquids. Total control of all operations is via the membrane key panel with full setting information and dispensing status shown on the LCD display at all times. With its continuously running 2-speed pump recycling system, the Perifill® IQ 3000 is designed to accurately dispense many types of liquid. Even hot and viscous fluids are handled with ease. The recycling system maintains flow rate and aids temperature control of the fluid ensuring consistent and accurate dispensing. The liquid being dispensed only contacts the tubing set, which can be sterilised by autoclaving. The Perifill is therefore ideal for use in bacteriological and pharmaceutical applications. Tubing sets can be changed in seconds. Silicone tubing sets will suit most applications.

Small Volume Dispenser (optional)

For small volumes, from 10μl to 5ml, TraySy can be equipped with a syringe pump. The pump takes syringes from 1.5ml to 6ml.

TraySy "X" XY Positioning System