Products - by Application

Anti-Doping Testing - Automated Liquid Handling Platform for Sample Preparation for Detection of Anabolic Agents, Narcotics, Anti-estrogenic Substances, Cannabinoids and Stimulants
Combinatorial Chemisty - Parallel synthesis of compounds with automated solid phase or solution phase synthesis
Compound Management - Powder Distribution and Weighing System for Library Compounds
Compound Management - Sample Weigh-in - Semi-automated sample weigh-in followed by automatic dissolution with DMSO for compound libraries
Compound Management -Automated Solid Handling for Compound Libraries - Automated powder handling system for exact gravimetric transfers of solid compounds from compound libraries
Compound Managment - Taring, Weighing, and Dissolution Systems for Library Compounds
Compound Management - Storage Tube Processing
Preformulations - Automated Platform for Salt Prescreening and Polymorphism Screening Studies
Formulations - Development platform for drug formulation with viscous liquid handling and gravimetric liquid and powder handling
Formulations - Automated Stress Shaking of formulations samples
Analytical/LCMS/MedChem - Automated Sample Preparation for HPLC, LCMS, GC, GCMS and NMR
Analytical/LCMS/MedChem - Automated Liquid Handling for Radioactive Materials
Catalysts/Fine Chemical/Industrial Chemical
Catalyst Synthesis - Automated catalyst parallel synthesis under inert conditions
Catalyst Factory - Full Automated Processing of Catalysts
Lubricant Formulations Research - Automated blending platform for high-throughput production of lubricant blends
Product QC - Automated platform for sample preparation for lubricants or oils platform for ICP analysis
Pesticide & Herbicide Testing - Automated sample preparation for spraying cabinets and automated spraying onto plants and seeds
Plant Material Testing - Automated transfer and sample preparation of ground tobacco for quality control
Plant Material Testing - Transferring powdered plant material to new labware
Consumer Products
Formulations R & D - Automated formulation blending for viscous shampoos/soaps/lotions
Cosmetics QC - Automated System for Quality Control of Cosmetics Products
Cosmetics QC - CALLI System for Quality Control of Cosmetics Products
Food & Beverage

QuEChERS Automation - Lissy platform to fully automate the QuEChERS sample preparation process for pesticide residue analysis

Automated Protein Hydrolysis - Protein Hydrolysis for Pet Food Amino Acid Composition Analysis

MCPD Sample Preparation Automation - Automated High Throughput Analysis of 3-MCPD, 2-MCPD and Glycidyl Ester in edible Oils and Fats, using the Methods AOCS Cd 29a-13, Cd 29b-13, Cd 29c-13, EN-779