SOPHAS ® Pep Automated Peptide Synthesizer

Be the master of your peptide synthesizer!


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SOPHAS Pep is an automatic system for peptide synthesis. It automates the entire workflow from distribution and preparation of the resins, dilution and addition of the amino acids and coupling reagents, running the synthesis, efficient washing in between each coupling step, protection and deprotection of side chains and cleavage of the final product.

The synthesis is performed in our DESYRE reaction blocks (with 96, 48, 24 or 8 reactors from 1ml to 40ml volume), which have closed vials, so there is no risk of leakage.

The filtration is performed with our patented filtration probes by filtration from the top. Our filtration probes can have up to two channels for liquid and a third for gas. They offer several advantages for washing resins. With the probe in situ an efficient washing is achieved with the minimum amount of solvent used. The second channel allows the fast addition of different solvents while the probe is already washing. This also allows the outside of the probe to be washed to avoid cross contamination. An inert gas can be added during the process if necessary and the gas is used to ensure that the resin remains in the sample tube / well. The filter mesh size can be altered depending on the pore size of the resin.

The software enables you to increase the purity of your peptides by optimizing the recipe. You can easily program different recipes and sequences. It is possible to run a different synthesis in each reaction block and the software is able to import and export data to and from any database.

SOPHAS Pep can also perform more than one synthetic strategy. So next to peptide synthesis you can run solid phase or liquid phase reactions all on the same platform.