Tools for Zinsser Automated Platforms

Automation and Third Party Devices

With more than 30 years of experience is automated liquid handling robotics as well as laboratory automation and laboratory robots, Zinsser Analytic is able to produce automated systems that incorporate robotics of various type and integration to almost any third party devices. Zinsser has done many custom automation projects for applications in sample preparation, paint and powder, liquid scintillation, high throughput screening, chemical synthesis, and more. Some examples are shown below.

"Catalyst Factory" using a Zinsser-integrated multiple-axis robot arm to manipulate labware for multiple automated catalyst synthesis processes.

Catalyst Factory


Zinsser "Robox" system for fully automatic quench free preparation of samples for liquid scintillation counting.
The sample preparation method is made easier due to the use of an intelligent robot, which enables the
system to prepare 300 samples of H-3, C-14 or dual labeled samples in only 24 hours.



Zinsser Sophas synthesis platform integrated with Thales Nano H Cube for batch or continuous flow synthesis.

Sophas Hy


Zinsser Calli integrated with a GC autosampler for real-time sample preparation and sample injection.

Calli GC


Zinsser Lissy integrated with Tecan Safire plate reader.

Reader Integration

Zinsser ProCrys system for automated protein crystallization experiments, with integrated Apricot multichannel pipettor and plate sealer.


Zinsser automated liquid handling platforms are unique on the market because of the selection of high-performance tools that can be installed on the deck. The ability to select from this list of tools allows the user to configure a system that will fully automate the required application, whether it requires liquid handling, powder handling, weighing, heating, cooling, vortexing, pressurization, vacuum, or almost anything that can be imagined.