Tools for Zinsser Automated Platforms


Zinsser automated liquid handling platforms are unique on the market because of the selection of high-performance tools that can be installed on the deck. The ability to select from this list of tools allows the user to configure a system that will fully automate the required application, whether it requires liquid handling, powder handling, weighing, heating, cooling, vortexing, pressurization, vacuum, or almost anything that can be imagined. Click the pictures to see a larger version.

ss probes variable probes disposable tips disposable tips

Stainless steel fixed pipetting tips for liquid handling. Variable span allows access to any kind of labware.

Probes with independent variable spacing in both Y and Z axes for maximum flexibility in accessing vials or plates.

Disposable pipette tips for liquid handling where zero carryover is required.

Deck station for removal of disposable tips, with chute for waste storage of used tips.

3 channel probe filter probe ceramic probe 5 different probes

Multichannel probes with 2 or 3 channels allow distribution of various combinations of liquid, gas, and vacuum.

3 channel probe with filter on inner channel allows simultaneous delivery of liquid with vacuum; used for rinsing particles.

Ceramic probe. Compatible with harsh chemicals. For slurry dispensing, reactive gas bubbling, and ion-free sample dispensing.

Different probes can even be configured for the system. Shown here are blunt and angled fixed probes, a disposable tip, and a powder dispensing tip.

powder dispensing ph probe ph probe spray probes

4 different powder dispensing tips are available, allowing pickup and dispense of fixed amounts, or with manual or automatic volume variability.

pH probe allows automated pH measurements.

Parking station for pH for wetting and calibration.

Spray probes. Different types for spraying liquid as aerosol. Can spray in defined angles. For sample application and washing solids from tube walls.

heated probe sonication probe viscosity probe

Heated probe. Liquid flows through heated coil built in to probe, prevents precipitation of saturated solutions.

Sonication pickup probe for sonicating single vial or tube for optimal sample dissolving.

Pickup probe for high-viscosity samples.