Zinsser North America provides advanced and flexible laboratory robotics and chromatography systems manufactured by our partners in Europe and supported by our North American operations.

The robotics systems offer the widest selection of automation tools, including liquid and powder handling, viscous liquid dispensing, weighing of samples, capping and decapping, vortexing, mixing, shaking, filtration, evaporation, temperature control, and more. Your entire process can be fully automated rather than just one small part of it.

The chromatography systems represent the most advanced solutions for Parallel HPLC and SFC and Preparative HPLC and SFC, as well as orthagonal HPLC/SPE for highly automated natural product isolation.

We also offer a complete line of precision glass microsyringes for all applications, including HPLC, GC, Automated Liquid Handling, OEM Applications, and Custom Solutions as well as liquid handling valves and precision fittings.