SOPHAS ® Automated Synthesizer

Parallel, high-throughput solid phase or solution phase synthesis


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SOPHAS represents a new generation of automatic modular solid phase synthesizers capable of many hundred syntheses in a single run. It comprises of an automatic workbench with liquid handling tools and an integrated robotic handler, which provides maximum freedom in the choice of reactors ranging from 96 well plates to 25 ml reaction vessels. This enables the use of various strategies and chemistries for organic synthesis. The synthesis can be carried out in any kind of reaction vessel, such as 96 well plates, tubes or vials made of any suitable material i.e. glass, plastic, ceramics, stainless steel, titanium. These vessels are placed on aluminium carriers and transported by the integrated robotic arm to the various stations, heating, cooling, washing or parking on the workbench.

For high-throughput parallel synthesis, a special 96-well reactor system has been developed using glass tubes of 1.1ml volume or a solid glass block with 96 cavities of 1.8ml volume. Contamination and unwanted atmospheric reactions are prevented by multiple layers of pierceable septa above the reactors which act as gas barriers as well as pressure vents.

The system uses 4 independent pipetting probes. These are designed especially for the needs of solid phase chemistry, by allowing filtration from the top of the reactors without loss of resin. A newly developed "resin-wash" mode takes advantage of the three independent liquid channels of the probe. The channels simultaneously aspirate, add washing solution and nitrogen. The system can distribute six different system liquids and inert gases.

The system provides fast heating and cooling between -40°C (-80°C optional) and +150°C along with mechanical agitation by newly developed high- speed, low noise vortexers at any stage of the synthesis and at any position of the workbench. Speeds and temperatures can be set individually and are totally software controlled. As an option, pick-up tools can be supplied with sensors for level detection, temperature measurement and pH control to monitor the chemical reactions.

WinSoph©32-bit Windows®NT software controls Sophas and organizes any parallel organic synthesis. The graphic user interface displays the actual layout of the workbench and shows each individual step of the synthesis. The powerful database stores all synthesis parameters such as solvents, building blocks, reagents, reactor positions, status of synthesis, compounds in each reactor, time parameters, procedures for washing, agitation, heating, cooling etc. By simple "drag and drop" techniques the user can easily generate procedures for their individual synthesis and test them in a simulation run without the synthesiser in operation. Arrays of building blocks and complete synthesis instructions can be imported from existing databases, also final synthesis results (compound positions) can be exported to peripheral systems. The software scheduler organizes the parallel handling of the reaction blocks. Each step of the synthesis is documented in a logfile. In case of an interruption (power failure) the synthesis can proceed without any problem.

Proven reliable X,Y,Z-platform with 4 independent Z-drives for liquid and powder handling and an integrated robotic arm for gripping vials, tubes, plates and pick-up tools, which can then be placed in any position of the workbench area.

Unique new hardware approach The precision balance is positioned outside the workbench still within reach of the robotic arm. The balance stand avoids any mechanical distortion, minimizing the settling time, improving the sensitivity and therefore increasing the throughput.

Designed for customization To meet individual requirements, it can be equipped with vortexers, hotplates, cooling plates, stirrers, reactor blocks, incubators or other modules from our extensive range of tools. The unique software allows the customer to even integrate his own modules. For special applications we offer the service of integration of custom module


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